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We strive to make the app as easy to use as possible by giving you the training and support that you need. To ensure that you feel confident using Parentapps Connect we provide a number of helpful resources that you can reference after your initial training.

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Guide to Adding Students via a CSV

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Promoting Students for a New School Year

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Support for Your Parents

When it comes to getting parents on-board with your new app, the Parentapps team are experts and have a wealth of experience successfully launching apps for schools.  We are here to offer our expertise as well as provide materials to help drive parents to download.

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Parent Presentation

Parent User Guide

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FAQ’s & Key Information

How do I add a new child?

To add a brand new child to the app navigate to the ‘students’ section and choose ‘Add Student’ in the top right corner.

Then fill in the ‘Child Details’ and ‘Primary Contact Details’ sections. If there are any additional contacts fill in that section too.

Hit ‘save’ and the child will be added.

Now you will need to invite the child’s parents. Head into ‘users’ on the left-hand side.

Search for the parent’s name at the top. When they pop up, click the orange envelope next to their name to invite them.

How do I target users?

When sending a push notification scroll down to ‘Message Preferences’ and you will see an option called ‘Target Users’ with a button named ‘Select Users’

Start from the left. Any option that you select will populate the next column. For example, if you select ‘Year 2’ all year 2 children will be added into the next section.

Under ‘search for student’ you can now choose what children to target. Either check the individual boxes or if you want to target the whole group use ‘select all’

Depending on what you choose, the box under ‘search for user’ will change. It displays the users for every child you have selected.

Again, just select the ones you want to send the message to or use ‘select all’. The user you add will display in the final column along with how many there are.

Hit save in the bottom right and then check the ‘selected users’ text again to make sure the number seems right. Now you’re ready to send!

How do I add new tabs?

If you’d like a new section adding to the app, drop us an email on and just let us know what type (Web, PDF, Form) you’d like and what to call it.

How do I purchase additional SMS credits?

To get more SMS credits just drop us an email on to let us know how many you require. These will be a charge for this so please let us know if you need the pricing.

Credits are then usually added immediately.

Setting Up Staff Admin

1.) The first step is to add all staff admin user to your account by selecting Settings > Accounts from down the left-hand side. Click ‘Add New’  before entering the user’s details. There are two options to choose from here: ‘Super Admin’ gives you full access to the portal whereas ‘Admin’ can be assigned to a specific group or class. There is a toggle to allow any super admin to receive notification updates.

2.) Turn this to green if you would like the Super Admin user to receive an email whenever a parent updates their contact information within the app.

Adding Children

There are two ways to add children into the system. The first is to bulk import by completing the CSV we have sent you and clicking ‘Import’ in the top right-hand corner to add all contacts.

Alternatively, you can manually add a child by selecting ‘Add Child’ and filling in the record for a new addition. You can add siblings and multiple contacts at the same time by Editing Children or Users.

You can edit any contacts by clicking on the blue pen next to their names, changing the record and then saving. If you delete a parent, it will just delete that user. You can delete a whole family or group of contacts by deleting the child. This will then remove everyone attached to them.

Inviting Parents

Now that you have imported all of your users into the system, select Users on the left-hand side. Here you will find a list of parents and other family member and can clearly see their status.

The status is represented with the following colours:

Red – users have been added to the portal but not yet invited.

Orange – users have been sent an invitation but have not yet activated their account.

Green – users have downloaded the app and are active users.

To invite parents, you can individually invite them by clicking the orange envelope next to their name or bulk inviting by selecting all and inviting via the blue drop down box on the right-hand side. Invitations will be securely sent via email or text message.

You can also filter and search for specific users, classes or groups using the search functions at the top of the screen.

Logging On

To log in to the management portal use the link given to you during your training session and bookmark this for future reference. You will also need the username and password you set when creating your own account through the invite email. Please make sure you also save this.

Please contact the office if you are having difficulties logging in.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser

 Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is the first screen you will see within the portal. Here you can quickly track your active, pending (users who have been sent an initiation) and inactive users as well as tracking staff activity within the system.

All portal options can be found down the left-hand side.

 Parent Groups

Parent Groups are useful to create if you need to target a specific number of users regularly for example, a football club, Parent Governors or persistent absentees.

Select ‘Groups’ from the left hand main menu before clicking ‘Create New’ and give your group a name before selecting users to add into your group.

Don’t forget to click save when finished.

There are four types of content tab within the app.

o   Term Dates/Events – allows you to add key dates into the app for special or important events. Parents can then add these to their phone calendars by pressing the plus icon within the app.

o   PDF’s – you can attach PDF documents such as letters and newsletters and push these out to parents.

o   Website Links – provides links to your own or third-party websites.

o   Consent Forms/Survey – there are lots of possibilities with electronic forms. You can use them for trip or permission slips, dinner order forms or questionnaires for parents. Users can complete the forms via the app and return them to school electronically cutting down on paper and time.

You can reorder any content tab within the portal by hovering over the icon and clicking and dragging up and down.

You can also disable or enable tabs from the user’s phone by selecting the green toggle.

You must click save in the top right-hand corner for changes to become effective.

After adding any new users, click ‘Refresh Targeting’ to ensure all content can be seen by the right people.

Term Dates and Events

Create a new or recurring event.  Add a title and/or an event description before entering the date and time details. If the event is offsite, you can also add a location in the form of a map for users to meet you there.

Remember to click save in the top right-hand corner.  Once you have added content, you can send to specific users by clicking the ‘Target Users’  


Add a PDF into a tab by clicking add new then give it a title or optional icon. There are two ways to upload – the first is to provide an external link. If your newsletter is already on your website, copy and paste the link into this box. If not, click the ‘PDF Upload’ toggle and upload as you would attach content to an email.

Once again, you have added content, you can send to specific users from this section.

‘Custom Categories’ for newsletters can be created under ‘Settings > Categories’. You can assign your PDF’s to categories within the app.

Website Links

Create a link to a website by clicking ‘Add New’ before entering the title and URL link in.

You can edit previous entries by clicking the blue pen on the right-hand side of the menu.

Don’t forget, now that you have added content, you can send to specific users from this section.


At the bottom of each content tab you will find ‘Preference Options’ this is where you can specifically make the content available to specific users.

For example, by clicking ‘select users’ a permission form can be set to only be seen by a particular class or group or a survey can be sent out to the whole school. This ensures that users aren’t being bombarded by information and can only see things relevant to them. Select the children, attached users and click select to proceed.

When uploading content, you can automatically send a notification by clicking the ‘Send Notification’ toggle. This will automatically send a message out and let users know there is something new or them within the app.

You must make sure you select students, then select their attached users. The recipients will appear in the far-right column. Once you are happy, click ‘select’.


The main feature of Parentapps Connect is the messaging options. Within this section, you can see your sent, scheduled and draft messages. Please note, if you delete them from the portal, they will delete off the user’s phone.

‘Message Content’– type out your title and content (you have 2000 characters available here so make use of the free push messages!)

Message Link’ – Give you the ability to link to a specific website or tab within the app and feed your users the information directly.

‘Message Preferences’ – select which year groups, classes or individual users you would like to send the message to.

You can also select the toggles to send message as SMS or Email as well as the free push notification. Be aware a text message is limited to 160 characters. If your message is more than this it will use multiple SMS credits from your account

‘Message Schedule’ – You can choose to send your message straight away or at a later date and time. This is very useful to send your users quick reminders over the weekend about the following weeks events.

When you are ready, click send in the top right-hand corner.

You can view who has or hasn’t read each message by click on the ‘I Buttons’ within the main message screen. This will clearly show you the date and time a message has been read and allow you to resend if it hasn’t been.

You can reuse messages repeatedly by clicking on this icon.

The Consent Forms tab can be used to add a variety of forms that you require to be filled in by Parents.

This is a really good way of making sure that Parents start to use the app and simplifies the process of how the school receives certain information. Forms via the app can be used for many things such as parent’s permission, surveys, bookings and to apply for certain things.

Having your forms built into your app will provide a simple to use option for parents to submit certain information. It will also reduce printing and distribution costs and save a considerable amount of time for both the school and parents.

‘Preferences’ – Add your form title and description here. Description can be anything from a few words to a copy and pasted letter you would send out to parents. Make use of this box. You can also select start and end times which the form is live within the app.

‘Email Notifications’can also be sent to settings every time a form is filled out. This is useful for absence reporting and holiday requests to be sent straight to the school office as well as being stored within our portal.

Content – This is where you will build your form. The right side of the screen is your screen within the app.

You can mimic anything that would be on a paper form onto this screen.

ClickAdd New Item’ to view, edit and the arrange options. Each item has a different function. You need to select the function first before editing.

‘Name, Address, Phone Field and Email Field– requires the user to add in personal information for themselves or their children.

‘Text Field and Text Area/Paragraph’  – gives the user space to freely type. For example, please state any allergies or medical conditions.

Multiple Choice Dropdown List/Select or Checkboxesallows the user to select options from a list or menu.

Image Upload –  this will open the camera on the user’s device and allows them to take a photo before returning. This is great for absence reporting, sending documents to the office or even weekend teddy bear diaries.

Signature – makes any consent form a legal document by asking the parent/career to sign on their device screen before returning to you.

Once you had selected your option, you can edit and change the name or content of the field here. By clicking on the blue pen, you can edit it further and decide if it will be a ‘required’ field by checking the box (this has to be filled in to send the form).

You can reorder the fields by clicking and moving the pink arrows up or down accordingly.

You will need to inform your parents of what is happening and when it is happening. The best way schools successfully launch is by giving their parents a particular date in which the new system will take effect. You can use any of your current ways and means to promote and also by using the children to help make their parents aware. Some schools even make a competition out of it to help
drive parents over to the app.

On the day you have committed we will help you launch your invitations to parents for them to activate their accounts. You will see the dashboard display all the parents activating. It is likely you may need 2 or 3 invite pushes to your parents over a period of time, each one providing more parents who will activate. You can export data from our system to target your more difficult

Once you have all your children with at least one Active parent then you are now in complete control of your school’s communication and engagement with parents. This will dramatically save you a lot of time and money for the school. We will now check in with you regularly, but you can always contact us whenever you need.


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